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  • Job Hunting

    prepare your bow and arrow for some hunting!
    Are you looking for a job in London? Find all the best UK job sites and job agencies in town...
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  • Room Search

    feeling like Sherlock Holmes?
    Here we help you find the top UK accommodation websites and tips on surviving on the cheap in London. The...
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  • Entertainment

    fun-filled experience for free?
    Find a list of all major UK entertainment sites that provide info about free and cheap events in London. We...
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  • Food & Shopping

    I see markets in your future!
    The right place to find great websites and tips that will help you save money on shopping. We have all...
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  • Transportation

    you don’t need teleportation!
    This section provides great websites, advice and information on how to get around London cheaply! You will find websites for...
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  • Free Goodies

    cheap is good but free is better!
    We love free stuff the same as you do! From free haircuts and online courses to free dental care and...
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4 Must-Visit Pubs in West London

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Top 10 Free London Apps

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Living in London on a Budget

BrokeinLondon is a ‘survival guide’ website for new, old and soon to be Londoners who are looking into living in London on a budget. BrokeinLondon aggregates websites and offers you all the information you need to deal with the high cost of living in London. We have compiled a comprehensive list of all the websites and links to help in your search for affordable renting in London, finding a job and ways to make some extra cash or save some cash, places to eat in London and budget transportation when moving around, cheap things to do in London including cheap London attractions as well as any other money saving offers. Whether you are a local or international student, current or wannabe expatriate, employed in the city or just moving to London because you can, BrokeinLondon gives you all the help you need to discover what this beautiful city has to offer to those who are looking to live in London on a budget.